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Over 10,000 Props available & 15 Themed Filming locations throughout Northern Kentucky

Welcome to Kentucky Prop House, your premier destination for prop rentals in the Bluegrass State. We have props, design items, set builders in the following categories:

Certainly! Here's a complete list of prop categories and additional items

Prop Categories:

1. Furniture and Decor

2. Landmarks and Architecture

3. Scenic Backdrops

4. Vehicles and Transportation

5. Dining and Entertaining

6. Kentucky Derby

7. Period Props

8. Themed Props

9. Outdoor Props

10. Musical Instruments

11. Science and Laboratory

12. Fantasy and Mythology

13. Sports Props

14. Art and Craft

15. Vintage Technology

16. Cultural and Ethnic Props

Additional Prop Items:

1. Books and Publications

2. Electronics and Gadgets

3. Party and Event Props

4. Medical and Hospital Props

5. Industrial Props

6. Military and War Props

7. Fantasy and Sci-Fi Props

8. Beach and Tropical Props

Options and Services:

1. Custom Prop Fabrication

2. Prop Styling and Set Dressing

3. Prop Restoration and Maintenance

4. Prop Consultation and Rental Packages

5. On-Set Support

6. Prop Sourcing and Acquisition

7. Set Design Services

8. Competitive Pricing and Flexible Rental Terms